4 Reasons Everyone Needs a Retirement Shield


Social Security Mistakes are Costly ( and Permanent!)

You’ve probably seen dozens of Social Security statements by this point of your life. The same letter arrives each year that shows you
your benefits at age 62, 66 and 70. After reading it briefly, you set it aside, file it or throw it away without much thought. But what if we told you there were as many as 567 ways to claim Social Security?

Would you be surprised to hear that claiming one way versus another could increase your monthly benefits by more than 75%? Far too many people don’t fully understand their options before they make a claiming decision, and as a result millions of people each year claim less than their maximum benefits locking in a permanently lower income payment. We know this is an important part of planning, so we start with Social Security optimization to show you how to evaluate your choices and make a wise decision.


Income Planning is Often Overlooked

Did you know that most people do not have an actual
income plan for retirement, but simply take withdrawals from retirement account on an as-needed basis? It’s no wonder the #1 fear of retirees is the fear of outliving their savings. Once we’ve determined the best timing and strategy for your Social Security income, it’s important to examine how your other retirement income will coordinate with your benefits.


We’ll start by examining what your true income needs are going to be in retirement, then we’ll layer in your Social Security income, and finally identify the shortfall between benefits and needs. This is the starting point for us to use all the tools at our disposal to craft a real income plan.


Taxes May Be One Of Your Biggest Retirement Expenses

For decades, IRAs and 401Ks have been America’s retirement savings vehicles of choice, and as a result much of your savings may
be in one of these accounts. We love the idea of being able to reduce our income taxes each year by contributing to a retirement account but withdrawing from them may have some unexpected surprises in the form of taxes. Nationally renowned IRA expert Ed Slott estimates
that most Americans will pay more in taxes on their IRA withdrawals than they ever contributed to it themselves.

There is good news! With proper planning there may be ways to reduce (or even eliminate) certain taxes in retirement. We find may instances where tax planning has a substantial impact on people’s retirement income, and it’s one of our most important steps.


Downside Protection

The current Bull market has been steadily growing for almost 10
years, despite the fact that a market correction occurs roughly every 12 months. The question is not IF the market will correct, but WHEN the correction will come.


There are two simple ways we can help you prepare for the coming market correction. First of all, it’s natural that a diversified portfolio gets “out of whack” in a sustained period of growth, so this is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and rebalance your portfolio. Second as you age, it may make sense to allocate more of your savings into safe-money accounts, so we’ll walk you through this process to evaluate what your risk tolerance should be. No one wants the market to decline, but when it does those who plan in advance will reap the rewards.